Crash and Burn, 03 October 2012

As fast as the fire had started,

just as quickly it dissipated.

Not even embers remain

of memories that are faint.

A friendship that had gone cold,

one I thought to be warm until we grow old.

One thing I regret is that we forget

a blossoming love, turned away by pride.

So goodbye my friend, good bye.

We will never meet again.

My Muse

The night is my muse.

It always has been.

Words flow easily,

from pen to paper,

under the cover of darkness.

Burning the midnight oil,

when the moon is high and bright,

with a blanket of stars.

Whether the backdrop is a city skyline

or a bright sea of lights,

in the cover of darkness,

my muse sings sweetly.

Up on that pedestal,

this inky black sky

illuminated by the silver orb,

a soft glow without warmth,

this moon shines unperturbed.

As aloft as sweet cherubs,

it lends voice to my thoughts.

Transcribing whispered words,

the muse has set to be presented,

harsh ramblings of broken hearts and dashed dreams,

and soft sweet promises of love and hope.

The night is my muse,

inspiring emotions, setting hearts ablaze.

La Luna

In the darkness of the night,
The full moon beams brightly.
Wolves howl, calling to the goddess.
La Luna, bella luna.
Take flight, o fowls of knowledge.
Owls flutter by, hunting prey.
The moon goddess gives light,
Drives away the fright.
Canines bear their fangs,
Dripping crimson on the land.
La Luna, you witness all,
Bella Luna, no mere ball.
These lands whereupon you bless,
The creatures do not rest.
La Luna, bella luna,
Majestic goddess of the night.


Forever and Never

Falling stars are burning bright,
Just like the fires that we light.
Lamps that burn the midnight oil,
Beneath the sheets we are coiled.
No stories left untold.
No Rosetta stone needed to decode.
The memories that we share,
They keep us warm when we are bare.

These books, they hide my shame,
For all our stories are untamed.
Not a day I can recall,
When I did not give my all.
My heart, my mind, my soul,
All for you to closely hold.
My body cannot remember,
The way I was before.

The nights under cryptic skies,
The moon, a shrine full of lies.
Our shadows swimming in the sea,
Underneath the good old tree.
You’re my favorite regret,
The only memory I’ll never forget.
Our stolen moments together
Are the best forever and never.

Secrets and Benefits

Forget me in the morning.
Run away at first light.
Mistakes are better left undiscussed.
Avoiding each other for a while.

Party hard and get drunk.
Get high and seek the rush.
Find each other and fall again.
Reminisce the secret night.

Another skeleton in the closet.
Bare skins and bodies warm with sweat.
Words whispered are confusing lies.
The night passes in a blur of shadows.

Dawn is bright and harsh.
Lying in each other’s embrace.
A promise unspoken in pools of brown and black.
No words are needed to keep this safe.


There can only be so many tears shed. I cannot fathom the depths of these feelings. The petty insecurity we all go through, these shallow pools of self-doubt. We mirror the haughty confidence of giant slayers even though we are blind to our own strength. We are overzealous in our portrayal of power to conceal our great fear. There is much freedom destroyed in our unsuccessful seeking of security; there are friendships lost to the sea of greed.

Dance, Night

The sun rises with a gentle breeze.
Stars shine softly with the silver moon.
My heart calls out to you, my dear.
Your beauty never sleeps.

Settle down.
Lie on the hammock.
Swing delicately with me.
Our dance will never end.

Our footsteps tread lightly.
Our whispers are soft.
The gentle jazz play slowly,
Our bodies intertwine.

Lull me as the waves,
Come to caress the shore.
Bejeweled skies aflame,
Bring dusk and dawn.