Four names I go by

 1. Iris

 2. Kate

 3. Iris Kate

 4. Eeris
 Four things I hate

 1. Cockroaches

 2. Flying cockroaches

 3. Spiders

 4. Feeling helpless
 Four things I love to watch

 1. Anime

 2. Ghibli movies

 3. Korean rom-coms

 4. The sky/the horizon
 Four places I have been

 1. Palawan

 2. Cebu

 3. Hong Kong

 4. Singapore
 Four things I love to eat

 1. Pizza

 2. Tostitos (with a hint of lime)

 3. Carbonara

 4. Sinigang na baboy (kind of like a hot and sour soup with pork instead of seafood)
 Four favorite drinks (not water)

 1. Matcha green tea latte

 2. Mocha

 3. Coffee

 4. Earl grey tea
 Four things I am looking forward to:

 1. Not being financially burdened

 2. The time I can actually afford to go on an adventure without incurring debts

 3. Finally finding my forever person (i think i prefer the term always instead of forever)

 4. Being a recognized author (poet, novelist, or fanfiction writer)


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