Four names I go by

 1. Iris

 2. Kate

 3. Iris Kate

 4. Eeris
 Four things I hate

 1. Cockroaches

 2. Flying cockroaches

 3. Spiders

 4. Feeling helpless
 Four things I love to watch

 1. Anime

 2. Ghibli movies

 3. Korean rom-coms

 4. The sky/the horizon
 Four places I have been

 1. Palawan

 2. Cebu

 3. Hong Kong

 4. Singapore
 Four things I love to eat

 1. Pizza

 2. Tostitos (with a hint of lime)

 3. Carbonara

 4. Sinigang na baboy (kind of like a hot and sour soup with pork instead of seafood)
 Four favorite drinks (not water)

 1. Matcha green tea latte

 2. Mocha

 3. Coffee

 4. Earl grey tea
 Four things I am looking forward to:

 1. Not being financially burdened

 2. The time I can actually afford to go on an adventure without incurring debts

 3. Finally finding my forever person (i think i prefer the term always instead of forever)

 4. Being a recognized author (poet, novelist, or fanfiction writer)


Sitting in a coffee shop, enjoying my breakfast for dinner, I hear songs I love. Listening to old school songs while enjoying a hearty meal takes me back to my childhood. Sure we don’t listen to music while having meals but we do listen to songs of my parents youth during roadtrips or even while driving over to church and the mall. Songs from Spandau Ballet, Rod Stewart, Tears for Fears, and more… These masterpieces take me back to rainy days enjoying the suspension of classes while our grandmother served her wonderful champorado (chocolate rice porridge) and sopas (creamy chicken soup with macaroni noodles).

Of course nostalgia paints memories with a filter. Those rainy days were storms and more often than not, we’d be out of electrcity with only candle light guiding us. But those memories of my childhood, unperfect as they may seem, are my treasures. They help me through this hard phase of life called adulthood. Precious moments I wish to relive and always remember.

God, it’s so hard to be responsible. Most  of the time I find myself wishing that we were rich and I would not need to struggle with finances. Other times, I find myself longing for the innocence of childhood, carefree and happy-go-lucky. 

Good food and great music with the family, with all our ups and downs, are my most treasured memories.



27 Things I Still Have Absolutely No Clue About At 27 | Thought Catalog

Very relatable. Hahaha! Oh, 27th year… Damn it, almost near my 30s and I still don’t feel like a complete adult.

23. How to be one of those people who saves money. I don’t NEED to buy lipsticks or sweatshirts that promote my love of avocado toast…but I do. I don’t have to buy Vans or spend the money that I spend…but I do. It’s a problem. And one that I should probably stop avoiding.