Story and Music

You’re my sad story in six words.

Waking up without you beside me.

We never had a chance to explore what could have been. You and I could have failed majestically or we could’ve been exponentially wonderful together. We never will know.
Ours was a harmonious melody played at the start of a day. Nights with you was a cacophony of sounds, rustling leaves in the wind, chirping crickets, buzzing fireflies, and crackling fires on the hearth.
I would have been your lyricist but you found your muse. I never had a chance to sway you, you had written your own music. What could’ve been a majestic symphony remains a collection of music sheets under my tearstained pillow.


You’re going to have to stop breaking my heart, please. Don’t I deserve this too? Don’t I deserve that happiness too? Please don’t do this. Faith and patience have never really been my stronghold; I have had several sleepless nights and I have shed gallons of tears, did I not want it hard enough? I’ve held on for so long now, this is the worst waiting period I’ve been through and still going through. Please let me be happy too.

I found this image off a social media platform and it got me thinking…

I found this image off a social media platform and it got me thinking…

Yes, let’s talk about everything in depth. Even if I can’t remember much about aliens, atoms, and magic, I still wanna talk about ’em. Let’s talk about the Alamo, camels in Texas, bases in Hawaii and Guam, what’s in Micronesia, how to best experience Japan, conspiracy theories about Aztec temples and Mayan ruins and the Valley of Kings, what happened to Pompeii and how close are we to extinction…

Let’s talk about poetry and writing and music and emotions. Let’s talk about suicide and depression, marriage and equality, religion and law… Let’s talk about our flaws and insecurities and our hopes and dreams.

I have very random thoughts, dark and light, deep and funny, simple and complicated.