Dance, Night

The sun rises with a gentle breeze.
Stars shine softly with the silver moon.
My heart calls out to you, my dear.
Your beauty never sleeps.

Settle down.
Lie on the hammock.
Swing delicately with me.
Our dance will never end.

Our footsteps tread lightly.
Our whispers are soft.
The gentle jazz play slowly,
Our bodies intertwine.

Lull me as the waves,
Come to caress the shore.
Bejeweled skies aflame,
Bring dusk and dawn.

One Night

Save me this night
Let us make a memory
All has gone ahead
Aside from drying tears
It will be years
No more forever
Never will there be always
All I have before light
Nothing is as clear
The moon and stars may hear
Ravens and owls can see
The blood singing free
Treasure me for this night
Let me believe this lie
No more memories
Save me from tonight


When there are no more stories to tell, no more adventures to go through, no more campfires to start, I am coming home to you. Though the past has been colorful and the future is unsure, I find solace in you. My heart is calm while your warmth envelopes me. There are no tears left to shed when I come home to you.