What I Wanted

I wanted love but there was no love to be had. I wanted to hope, but no hope was given. I wanted the light, but darkness kept claiming me. I wanted you… But you wanted nothing to do with me.

How painful it was to keep running after everything. I couldn’t catch up, I couldn’t get anything. It was all a lie, it was all a ruse. Nothing to do, nothing to say. I was alone. I was broken in every way.

I ran and climbed and crawled; but my dreams kept eluding me. My hopes were dashed, my wishes burned, my soul was cracked. My heart, dead.

There was no love. There were no dreams. There was no hope. The years have gone, my tears are dry, the world goes on.

Those wishes whispered as stars fell down are mere memories. My soul, so desperately praying, now a fragmented glass. Broken pieces lost in the fray, crimson stains this lonely ghost.

The prayers fervently uttered remain unanswered. The questions who bring clarity remain blank spaces. I have no theories, I cannot write solutions. There are only guesses and cobwebs of lies, stories told of a certain time. What I wanted was never mine.

My hope, my dream

There are tears, unbidden yet they come.
There are fears, unfounded yet exist.
There are hopes, unbroken yet are lost.
And then there is you, a beacon in the darkness.

The stormy seas are calm with you.
The torrid hurricanes are gentle breezes.
The candle burns brightest in the dark.
Your love that warms the coldest heart.

There are stars that shine brighter than the sun.
There is a love that keeps us warmer than a hearth.
There is beauty more radiant than a queen.
And then, there is you, the only dream I can never reach.