Oh, Love…

Oh, Love…
How beautiful it is to stand in your light.
The soft glow you surround me with,
The warmth of your embrace.

Oh, Love…
The sweetest kisses you shower me with,
The strongest hugs you hold me with,
The most honest affirmations you speak.

The kindness in your eyes,
That tell me I am loved;
The brightest smile I see,
Only for me, only for me.

There is a hunger in the set of your jaw,
A craving for my soul.
In between you and me,
There is our light, our life, our love.

Another side of me for you to see

When are you going to grow out of your stupid childhood crush on me? Seriously, you don’t even know who I am anymore. You’re hung up on what could’ve been between us after high school. And that was what? Almost 10 years ago? Like, hello? You haven’t seen me in 8 years except for the occasional hi-hello during mini reunions. You still hold on to this idea of a cute and sweet and loving and innocent girl. Well, guess what? I’m a cold, unfeeling, practically uncaring, b*tch.

I’ve broken your heart 8 years ago, but I guess you didn’t learn your lesson. Seems to me that you need to be reminded that not everyone appears as who they seem to be.

I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What makes you think that after all these years of being away will make me rethink my previous decision? There are no second chances for me and what I deemed as a necessary cold-hearted decision will stand until I wither away.

Open your eyes, you’ll see the truth. You’re just asking for another broken heart if you won’t get over your stupid little crush.