All grown up?

So in that compound I grew up in, those that reached adulthood there are fucked up now. So why are my little brother and I in a relatively good path? Come on, my baby brother and I are in somewhat successful careers. Is it peer pressure? Cause I don’t accept that reason. If you think about it, my baby brother’s friends are not exactly the best influences and I am mostly anti-social but with friends in good standing… So I don’t think it’s peer influence. Neither is it the way we were raised, cause we all experienced being spoiled princes and princess; and also being severely disciplined. So I suppose that’s not it either. So what is it? Why are you like that? Why are we like this?
We are grown ups. We still have setbacks. We still fall down. But how come we can get up with little assistance, and you’re still bitter when they are now refusing to help you? After all the stresses and heartaches you’ve all put us through… Do you still want to be the prodigal son? It’s hard to mediate when I myself have some reservations. But I still love all of our weirdly dysfunctional family with all my heart. So I try as much as I can to listen and mediate. But it is difficult when I’ve got my own bumps in the road and confusing split paths and unexpected twists and turns.
Are we really all grown up? Or are we just playing pretend?