My story

This is my story. And I have the choice if you get a say in it or not. So don’t mind me, just go on with your life and I’ll carve a niche for myself. I’m comfortable but that doesn’t mean I’ll stay within this zone. I’ll walk away, I’ll grow up, I’ll change… Only I should get a say as to when that will happen and when that should happen. My life, my choices, my regrets, my happiness.

Knight of the Night Bloom

I went outside and saw the moon, it made me think of you. I realized how sad I was. Sad that I can never reach you, your graceful beauty and cold light. It saddens me how I can only think of you but never touch you. My love, my moon. The light of the dark night of my life.
There are many stars that vie for your attention. There is the sun that gives you your light. There are infinite galaxies waiting for you. And here I am, a little flower. With a finite lifeline, and a fragile beauty. I seek your light, every night I bloom. I seek your love, underneath the cover of darkness. My love, my moon.

You and I

Do I see myself with you? No, I don’t. I actually don’t see myself with anyone. I am not sure if it’s because I am not in love with anyone or if it is because I am really not meant to be with someone. I remember the only time I dreamt of myself with someone. I was dressed in white, walking along an aisle… Let’s just say it was my wedding march. I actually dreamt of getting married. And when I looked up, my groom was faceless… Well, he wasn’t really faceless, he was actually smiling. It’s just I couldn’t see his face except for his smile. I can’t even remember his profile or his silhouette. A wedding march and I abruptly woke up. And that was that. That was the only time I saw myself getting married and mind you, I wasn’t even dating nor seeing anyone. I wasn’t flirting with anyone at that time. I’m not sure if that dream was just influenced by a movie or a book or a series or a manga I had been recently caught up with or not. It was a You and I moment that would probably just exist in dreamland and never make itself come true. Let’s face it, I’m a hopeless romantic for others but I am cynical for myself.
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Dead Men Tell No Tales

The skeleton watched.
The vixen waited.
He was tethered
To posts that tilted.
The whip cracked,
His skull vibrated.
She danced slowly,
She tantalized him.
The leather corset,
Agonizingly discarded.
She approached
He was aroused.
It was deliberate,
He was not celibate.
Her lips with whom she played
His lips with whom he salivated.
He wanted her,
She wanted him.
The shadows witnessed
The fires that burned
Deep within eyes
And souls that yearned.
She licked him slow,
He swallowed a groan.
The night was young
And so was she.
He was old
But inexperienced, as a teen.
He came quickly
As she gasped throatily.
He was helpless
As he watched her breathless.
She touched herself
She let him see
Her languid tongue
Slithered around him.
She rode him hard.
He was fucked.
As he convulsed,
She slit his throat.
Heartless, as she watched
And found satisfaction.
“Dead men tell no tales”
She thought, as she hacked.
“Consensual is not rape”
She laughed while he burned.

Twisted Ropes

She was pretty
And she was his.
Now all this waiting
Is making him pissed.
“You say you love me
But you don’t want me.
How can this be
When you are all that I see?”

Her heart, so fragile,
So unlike time.
Her heart so frozen,
It was broken so fine.
The pain, it burns,
It makes her stomach churn.
Please stop the hate,
Make the feelings go away.

Her spirit so chained,
Shattered and drained.
Her soul it cries,
Not long till it dies.
The wings he had given,
So away he had taken.
Mischief is afoot,
Destiny its root.

Don’t cry, don’t cry,
Let these tears dry.
There is no sense
In lost innocence.
The scars will show
Only failed hopes.
But people will never know
She was saved by twisted ropes.