How do you mend a broken heart?

What do you do when you feel like you’ve had a hand in breaking someone’s heart? You’ve made so many mistakes that ultimately lead to someone else’s heart breaking. That person was so awesome and suddenly you see them post depressing thoughts. You would like to comfort them but you think that you couldn’t help… That you’d only anger them. You’re scared to talk to them for fear of being blamed or slapped hard with the reality that… Indeed, you are the reason for their broken heart. It’s difficult. Especially since that person is awesome and well-loved… And compared to you, they are diamonds while you are a crumpled piece of paper. It’s difficult because they were perfect, angelic, wonderful… And you are plain, temperamental, and a dark chaotic mess. How would you help them? How would you comfort them? It breaks your heart, how desolate and depressed they’ve become… And you can’t do anything about it.