To my Future Love.

I love hearing your voice. It gives me comfort in times of despair. I love how you hold me close, despite my cold yet fierce persona. I adore the way you kiss me and tell me that you love me. Because I’ll always believe it wholeheartedly. I admire your protectiveness of me, how you treat me like your queen even if I like roughing myself up and acting tomboyish. I find it fascinating how you can seem to endlessly forgive my many faults, misgivings, and overall klutziness. I am grateful for your patience in thawing my frozen soul. I adore your understanding nature, in light of my deepest and most guarded secrets. I love the way you seem to know me and my emotions, just by looking in my eyes. I admire you and the way you decode my secret hopelessly romantic self. I can’t believe how lucky I am because I met you. I¬†admire your quiet courage of loving me despite my brazen disregard of soceital rules and code of conduct. I adore your selflessness in understanding my selfishness. I am enthralled by your unfailing love for me, because I often fail to love myself. I love how you love me because despite my selfishness and rudeness and overall failure to see my self worth, you’re still there smiling at me, embracing me, loving me.

I love the fact that you and I found and trusted each other. Please don’t ever go.