This is Us

Kiss me when it’s over.

Call me when you’re sober.

Love me ’til we’re older.

Hold me close.

Don’t let me go.

Don’t lose hope.

Soon they will see,

We are meant to be.

You and I, we will be.

What we have is right.

Stay with me tonight,

Wait until morning light.


Love me now and leave me never.

Don’t hold back, we’ll grow together.

Hear my heart as it sings,

Staying strong with our dreams.

Look ahead and look back.

See the past and future track

Entwine and delve deeper,

To our love that only turns sweeter.

Love, someday soon we’ll live together,

In a dream that we’ll share forever.

Never forget that with you I’ll stay,

Keep my heart with you for always.

Love me now and leave me never.

You and I will live forever.

In my dreams we’ll always be together.

Love me now and leave me never.